Monthly Archives for: June, 2012

#digitaltrans: The collected tweets

Participants at our four events have produced literally hundreds of tweets, with the hashtag #digitaltrans, containing useful links to relevant resources, and creating a record of the most memorable things said and experienced in the workshops. The tweets from each […] 

Guest post: Hackerspaces for connected learning

Hackerspaces are open-access workshops and volunteeristic organizations for collaborating on creative and technical projects. Over four hundred exist worldwide as blended (online/offline) contexts for social and connected learning. Over the last year I’ve been spending time in them, interviewing their […] 

Guest post: Designs on Conversation

This post is based on my talk given at the Tate Britain event, as part of a series of events for the AHRC funded Digital Transformations Research Network. #AreWeContent? ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice … ‘now I’m opening out like the […]