Monthly Archives for: July, 2012

Guest post: On being digitally transformed

Our theme for the day at the UCL event on June 21st was broadly around how shared digital platforms can be used creatively and effectively to support learning, formally and informally.  Through rich discussions with many topics and tangents we […] 

Guest post: Digital transformations in ownership and intellectual property

I was very flattered to be invited by Prof David Gauntlett and Dr Paul Dwyer of the University of Westminster to come and talk at one of their Digital Transformations symposia on the 20th of April, at the British Library. I was there to […] 

Guest post: Let the media drown

When an invite to attend a seminar on the challenges facing “the media” recently arrived in my inbox, I hastily sent it on to a friend of mine who has made the move – over a number of years – […]