After our first event – the blogs

Our first workshop on 29 March was a great success. Happily in the modern age, you don’t have to write up your own event because the world of lovely bloggers and tweeters do it for you.

So here are some links:

A Tweetdoc PDF showing all 413 of the Tweets from the day.

Claire Ross (@clairey_ross) has very helpfully written up her notes in five parts:

Katie Smith (@K8ieSmith) was prompted to write about crowdsourcing – engagement or exploitation?.

Mariam Cook (@MariamCook) took up a particular theme in her post, ‘Social brands must meet people in “loose around the edges” spaces’.

Jon Hickman (@jonhickman) wrote a guest post for this blog, building on a discussion about lurkers. And then Mariam Cook took up his argument as part of her discussion in a post called, ‘Pinterest, Kotex, influencer mythology and moments of joy’.

Amy Twigger Holroyd (@amykeepandshare) wrote a guest post for us, connecting the idea of platforms with her experience as a knitting community builder.

We will probably have more bloggage to add soon.

Photo by Flickr user mpclemens. Some rights reserved under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.


  1. This is very useful.

    On the day of the workshop, I was very interested in discussions on expertise and would like to know if: i) this is a thread to be developed in Digital Transformations? and, if not/as well as, ii) would anyone like to pick up such a discussion as the basis for collaborative research/exploration/exchange?

    In addition, several people expressed interest in the NESTA/ACE/AHRC digital r&d projects. I’m one of the team from BCU who are evaluating the ‘Culture Cloud’ project and would welcome engagement/contributions/questions via our blog:

  2. Hi Paul. Many thanks. Yes, I expect the discussion about ‘expertise’ will continue across the series of events and in this online space…

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