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Art and design . . . and innovation (two videos)

Recently I was invited to speak at a conference for a national network of art and design educators in the Netherlands. This was the Skills 21 Symposium organised by Cultuurnetwerk and held, this year, in the northern city of Leeuwarden. […] 

Our final report now published

From February to September 2012 we ran a programme of events and built a network, funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the first phase of their Digital Transformations programme. The project initiated a […] 

Guest post: Hackerspaces for connected learning

Hackerspaces are open-access workshops and volunteeristic organizations for collaborating on creative and technical projects. Over four hundred exist worldwide as blended (online/offline) contexts for social and connected learning. Over the last year I’ve been spending time in them, interviewing their […] 

Onwards and upwards for Digital Transformations

Tomorrow, a number of researchers involved in the AHRC’s Digital Transformations programme are heading off to the Cotswolds – which, for international viewers, is a pretty bit of the English countryside somewhere near Oxford – to consider what this research programme should […] 

A tale of two books

Since the earliest days of the Web, there has been an obvious ‘digital transformation’ which is about cutting out the middlepeople. Until the mid 1990s, for example, many people booked holidays via a travel agent, which seemed normal and fine. […] 

Guest post: Cultural remix – Have context, provenance, and truth had their day?

In the last workshop of the day on ‘Business models, rights & ownership,’ I enjoyed a great winding and unresolved discussion with colleagues in the cultural heritage sector around these two questions: Should we be concerned about how users rehash […] 

Guest post: Some thoughts on curation and privacy

Following a very interesting second workshop at the British Library, here are some notes on a couple of recurring issues. On curation: Of particular interest to me at the Digital Transformations workshops has been the recurrence of the term ‘curation’ […] 

Guest post: Page, Screen, Space – The Digital Imagination and the Real World

The workshop on ‘Business models, rights & ownership’ may sound specialised, but it was a gathering of professionals and students from a huge range of disciplines and all the better for it. The unifying element was the digital format, which […] 

Guest post: Remixing the fashion commons

At Friday’s workshop the discussion touched on fashion’s approach to intellectual property and how it is different to that of other cultural sectors. (For instance, it was mentioned that in a Guardian webchat the previous evening, Clay Shirky had mentioned that there is […]