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Building platforms for creativity: Eight principles

During last year I wrote a journal article which was an attempt to draw upon the experience of working in collaboration with three different media organisations, and to extract some conclusions from that work. The organisations were the BBC (the […] 

Guest post: Unfinished is good

When I attended the first ‘Community-powered Digital Transformations’ workshop at the University of Westminster, I was listening to presentations and discussion about digital creativity with three different thinking caps on. Firstly, as a former museum curator I listened and spoke […] 

Guest post: Online / offline knitting

I came to the Production and Creativity workshop exercising a sort of double-think. Yes, this day is totally for me, I thought – the agenda seemed to address many issues I’ve been thinking about recently. I am a ‘professional’ knitwear designer-maker […] 

Guest post: Lurking is doing too

When we talk about participation in media we often look to the web to find the footprint of activity, but in doing so we can miss the activity of those who tread lightly online, and sometimes they have an interesting […] 

Are DJs curators (and vice-versa)?

The word ‘curator’ gets used liberally these days to talk about stuff people do on the web. But does that devalue the term? Is there any way what someone does on Facebook is comparable to the years of training and […] 

Social media, ordinary media, “monetization” and business models

Are social media really ‘media’ in the way ordinary media – like newspapers – are? There’s loads of ways to get confused about this, and like any debate between people, not all of the arguments are completely rational. So, for example, “ordinary […] 

Using Twitter in university learning

In recent months I’ve been using Twitter as part of teaching-and-learning in the University of Westminster courses that I am involved in – and found it to be really useful, stimulating and rewarding. I’m not the first to do it, […] 

Social media optimism vs pessimism

Early in 2007, hundreds of years ago, I wrote a short article called ‘Media Studies 2.0′, and published it on my website. It sort of stirred up some controversies – which had sort of been the intention. In 2011 I […] 

Making is Connecting video

My book ‘Making is Connecting‘ is all about everyday creativity, and the ways in which we can create and share things have been transformed in the digital age – whilst also being part of a continuum of everyday creativity and personal […]