Our Digital Transformations project – what happened next

This AHRC-funded Digital Transformations project (see about the project) only ran from February to September 2012. It was one of the first batch of Digital Transformations awards, under the Research Development Grants Scheme.

So looking at this site in December 2013, the material here seems a bit out of date. But did we stop thinking about digital transformations in the arts and humanities in August 2012? No, of course we did not!

For instance, here are a few things I have done, in connection with the digital transformations theme, since then:

There is, I think, much thinking still to be done about the full meaning and implications of digital transformations in the arts and humanities.

At the moment there are innovative bits of practice – some of them really impressive – which make use of digital tools, technologies or resources in new ways. But in terms of rethinking the practice of arts and humanities research for the 21st century, I think there is still a lack of innovative spark, and leadership. So that’s something I want to work on.


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