Making is Connecting video

My book ‘Making is Connecting‘ is all about everyday creativity, and the ways in which we can create and share things have been transformed in the digital age – whilst also being part of a continuum of everyday creativity and personal practices which go back hundreds of years. In one chapter, for instance, the kind of creativity that can be seen in huge and diverse quantities on YouTube is seen through the lens of the Victorian Arts and Crafts Movement, which celebrated individual self-expression over less spirited ‘professionalism’.

Anyway, in 2011 I spoke about the book at various venues, accompanied by different variations of a swooshy Prezi presentation, which now in 2012 I have used as the basis for a 4-minute video highlighting some of the key points.

Making is Connecting: The social meaning of creativity, from DIY and knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0 is published by Polity (2011).

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