#digitaltrans: The collected tweets

Participants at our four events have produced literally hundreds of tweets, with the hashtag #digitaltrans, containing useful links to relevant resources, and creating a record of the most memorable things said and experienced in the workshops.

The tweets from each event are archived here. We used the Tweetdoc tool, which creates PDFs of tweets from the previous seven days.

  • First event: 29 March 2012: Digital transformations in production and creativity workshop, at University of Westminster, London.
  • Second event: 20 April 2012: Digital transformations in business models, rights and ownership workshop, at British Library, London.
  • Third event: 15 May 2012: Designing for community-powered digital transformations workshop, at Tate Britain, London, followed by Henry Jenkins talk and discussion in the evening, at University of Westminster.
  • Fourth event: 21 June 2012: Community-powered digital transformations in learning workshop, at UCL, London.

Photo by Flickr user chapmankj75. Some rights reserved under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.

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