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Guest post: Page, Screen, Space – The Digital Imagination and the Real World

The workshop on ‘Business models, rights & ownership’ may sound specialised, but it was a gathering of professionals and students from a huge range of disciplines and all the better for it. The unifying element was the digital format, which […] 

Guest post: Remixing the fashion commons

At Friday’s workshop the discussion touched on fashion’s approach to intellectual property and how it is different to that of other cultural sectors. (For instance, it was mentioned that in a Guardian webchat the previous evening, Clay Shirky had mentioned that there is […] 

Designing for community-powered digital transformations workshop, 15 May 2012

Designing for community-powered digital transformations workshop 15 May 2012 Tate Britain, London Digital transformations mean that cultural and media organisations now find themselves in a new environment in which communities of participants interact to create, curate, organise and support cultural experiences. This […] 

Henry Jenkins – talk and discussion, 15 May 2012

We are delighted that Professor Henry Jenkins, of the University of Southern California, author of Convergence Culture, will be speaking about his new book Spreadable Media at a Digital Transformations event at the University of Westminster in London. Professor Jenkins will give a […] 

Our events

The project featured a series of events, plus online discussion and collaborative activities. The four events were: 29 March 2012: Digital transformations in production and creativity workshop, at University of Westminster, London How can the creativity of interested communities be […] 

Building platforms for creativity: Eight principles

During last year I wrote a journal article which was an attempt to draw upon the experience of working in collaboration with three different media organisations, and to extract some conclusions from that work. The organisations were the BBC (the […]